APPI Ante/Post Natal Pilates

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Gain more confidence in appropriate Pilates exercise prescription for pregnant and post natal women who you encounter in the clinical setting. Scroll down to view the full course info. 

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Victoria Unite Health - 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, VIC, 3181. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 28 Jul 2018 09:00
End date: 29 Jul 2018 17:00

Course information

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APPI’s Ante-Post natal Pilates course aims to arm attendees with the necessary skills to modify their Pilates teaching and repertoire to make it suitable for pregnant and post natal women.  Lecture content will cover an overview of physiological and musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy  as well as guidelines to follow when prescribing exercise in general to this population.  Applications of the APPI Pilates repertoire in the management of common musculoskeletal conditions experienced by pregnant and post natal women will be discussed.  A selection of Matwork Pilates exercises, including movements incorporating small Pilates props will be taught.  This course is especially suitable for practitioners who wish to gain more confidence in appropriate exercise prescription for pregnant and post natal women who they encounter in the clinical setting. 

This course is designed for participants who wish to learn more about the application of Pilates to the ante and post natal period. Lectures on the physiological, biomechanical and postural changes that occur during the childbearing year will be related to the adaption and application of Modified Pilates exercises. Specific obstetric conditions and the relevant management with the APPI Pilates repertoire will be presented. Guidelines to exercise in pregnancy (including Ante and Post natal class plans) will be provided and appropriate exercise including use of resistance bands and and the swiss ball will be taught in the practical setting. APPI Matwork Level 1 or the attendance at a 2 day Matwork Pilates course is the pre-requisite for this course. (2 days, 16 hours)

Course preparation:

  • Review your APPI Matwork Level 1 course manual
  • We highly recommenced for all APPI course participants to read the 13 recommended reading articles, articles can be sourced independently or a printed and bound copy can be purchased online through our shop.

Learning Resources:

  • We highly recommend viewing the APPI Pregnancy Pilates DVD to become familiar with the APPI Pilates teaching style and Ante/Post Natal Pilates exercises. This can be purchased through our Pilates Shop. 
  • In order for your DVD to arrive before the course we advise ordering at least 7 days prior to allow sufficient time for delivery

This course is open to: Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Doctors, Myotherapists/ Massage Therapists, Physiotherapy students, Cert 3 Fitness Instructors and Pilates Instructors who have completed a 2 day foundation matwork course.  If you hold a qualification outside the above please contact us directly. To view our upcoming APPI Matwork Level 1-The Foundation courses click here.

What will be covered in the APN course?
This course is a designed to enhance  clinicians’ general knowledge of exercise during pregnancy and the post natal period with a particular focus on adapting modified Pilates matwork exercises for pregnant and post natal women.
Basic Information about general exercise during pregnancy will be reviewed.
Concepts of modifying APPI Pilates exercises for this special population will be discussed to provide a framework for clinicians
Varying needs of the client depending on stage of pregnancy and how that ail effect choice of Pilates exercises
General concepts on how to modify and incorporate Pilates exercises for the management of common postural and pelvic dysfunction during pregnant
A répertoire of APPI Pilates matwork exercises incorporating ball and theraband movements

Who is this course aimed at:
Physiotherapists and other health professionals wishing to gain more general knowledge of how to incorporate Pilates or modify Pilates for this special population in a clinical setting.

What will not be addressed?
-Fundamental Pilates principles will be referred to throughout the course and during the teaching of the exercises, however a basic knowledge of Pilates is presumed knowledge
-Fitness based repertoire and higher level exercises for pregnant women will not be covered.
-In depth information about pelvic floor dysfunction and management will not be covered.
-Treatment of musculoskelatal injuries during pregnancy and the post natal period (beyond the realm of utilising Pilates ) will not be covered

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  • Participate in an Ante Natal APPI Pilates Matwork class
  • Overview of physiological changes during pregnancy and considerations for exercise
  • Benefits & guidelines of exercise in pregnancy (EIP)
  • Discuss the use of Pilates during pregnancy and identify the indications and considerations for Pilates through the trimesters
  • Learn a range of modified APPI Pilates exercises for the Ante / Post Natal Period
  • Participate in group case studies for this special population
  • Develop Ante Natal Pilates class plans


  • Participate in a Post Natal APPI Pilates Matwork class
  • Pelvic dysfunction overview and Pilates applications (definition and diagnosis)
  • Overview of the postnatal period and Pilates applications
  • Identify how to use small equipment in modifying APPI Pilates exercises
  • Learn a range of modified APPI Pilates exercises for the Ante / Post Natal Period
  • Participate in group case studies for this special population
  • Develop Post Natal Pilates class plans

Modified supine exercises